My Satisfied Clients Have A Lot To Say

Jessica Mendoza

Cyrus combines the knowledge and expertise of personalized nutrition with innovative and healthy ways to be active. To me, diet and exercise are top priorities for me to be successful and Cyrus is a constant source of information to learn and bounce ideas off of. He is always at the forefront of what is best for you, your body and most importantly your lifestyle! Recognizing each person is unique in their needs and interests is what makes him stand apart from the rest.

Jessica Mendoza Two-time Olympian and Professional Softball Player, Team USA
Dr. Douglas Graham

Cyrus has a great ability to connect with people, and to connect the dots when listening to a story. He is thorough, pays attention to details, and yet he is realistic. What grabbed my attention about Cyrus was his intelligence, and his fun-loving attitude. I recently had an opportunity to train with Cy again, and was most impressed to see that he has brought his fitness to an even higher level. Cy’s unique education and life experience, coupled with his strong sense of responsibility, has put him in an excellent position to coach people about nutrition and fitness.

Dr. Douglas Graham Author of The 80/10/10 Diet
Daniel Cox, MD

As a doctor with almost a decade of study in health and wellness under my belt, I thought I knew most of what I needed to know about nutrition and fitness to take care of myself and my patients. Until I met Cyrus. Using a vault of knowledge from life experience and a PhD in nutritional biochemistry from UC Berkeley, Cyrus helped me transform my approach to food and exercise — and I feel better each day for it. With a zest for life, a gift at communicating, and authenticity borne of practicing the lifestyle he preaches for over a decade, Cyrus inspires those around him to live more healthfully. I only with I could connect all of my patients with Cyrus. Because Cyrus is my guru of health.

Daniel Cox, MD Internal Medicine, University of California at San Francisco
Karen Kramer

Cyrus Khambatta is the most well rounded and creative personal trainer I have ever met. We worked together at a local gym in Hawaii as personal trainers for 2 years. I used to think I was “hard core” and healthy until I met him. He helped me make minor adjustments to my diet which eliminated frequent migraines. Cyrus encouraged me to push myself in my workouts, and to this day he continues to make fun challenges for me to conquer. He is an outstanding motivator and has the ability to improve anyone’s exercise regimen, diet, mental strength and attitude. He will encourage you be your very best, challenge you beyond limits you thought you’d never reach while making the process inventive and enjoyable.

Karen Kramer Personal Trainer
Maggie Crawford

I had no idea that I could be insulin resistant until I began to understand how my muscle tissue worked. Once I learned that, I developed a way of eating that keeps my blood sugar under consistent control. Now that I understand what causes insulin resistance, I am able to manage it through exercise and eating the right foods (at the right times). My life as a diabetic is now MUCH easier.

When I was first diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, I was terrified. It was the first time in my life that I felt uncomfortable around food, and afraid to eat. Cyrus’ information on managing insulin resistance helped me develop a better understanding of how different foods affect my blood sugar. It didn’t take long to see the results of this information — stable blood glucose and consistent, high energy levels.

The best part about working with Cyrus is that he put the knowledge in MY hands, and provided support to me through this huge life change. Instead of being told what to do, he forced me to think about the “why,” so that I could make the changes for myself. I urge everyone with Type I Diabetes, and people simply in need of a healthy life change, to turn to Cyrus for dietary advice. It is amazing what a little bit of commitment and support can do to improve your life, and your confidence in your health!

Maggie Crawford Type 1 Diabetes
Netanya Stutz

I was so distraught when I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, and even more horrified by the “nutritionist” the doctor made me see. Her philosophy was to manipulate blood sugar numbers through processed food and a high fat diet that was making me lethargic. I came to see Cyrus, and all that changed immediately. The regimen he put me on lowered my blood sugar numbers right away, and at 37 weeks into my pregnancy I actually had more energy than I did a month prior. I also took off a few pounds and kept my weight down, with my baby actually measuring on the smaller side. I’ve been doing the exact opposite of what the “nutritionist” recommended and the results couldn’t be better. I consider this whole thing a blessing in disguise, because I’m healthier and in a better place than I was before getting diagnosed.

Netanya Stutz Gestational Diabetes
Cynthia Bronte

My life is changing because of this program. I have been on this program for just of five weeks now, working very hard at reversing diabetes. I have become very passionate about this.

I have dropped 14 pounds, I bike ride 15 plus miles per day, my blood sugar usually do not exceed 140, I feel better, my blood pressure is the normal range, I think more clearly, I have dropped metphormin by half and insulin by half, and mostly I believe that within five more months of this, I will be completely off all medication. I never believed that this would be possible for me. As you said in your Webinar “it will be a thing of the past.”

Cynthia Bronte Type 2 Diabetes
Kylie Buckner, MSN, RN

What can I say about the Mangoman? From the moment you meet him, you will be inspired to make changes in your life. Cyrus brings a level of excitement to everything that he does that is very motivating. He wholeheartedly lives a life dedicated to health and wellness, and he sees the potential in every person he encounters. Cyrus has helped me add variety, flavor, and lots of spice into my meal planning. My diet has made me feel more energized, which helps me live a very active lifestyle. He has taught me how to make smart choices so that I am eating nutritious, fresh foods every day. Cyrus can help you see things in yourself that you never knew were possible.

Kylie Buckner, MSN, RN Kaiser Permanente, San Francisco, CA
Noel Rosencranz

Cyrus Khambatta is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. He has a rare combination of specialized scientific expertise, athletic mastery and knowledge, and sincere desire to help others improve their health. I have trained, studied and learned from him for years. Everytime we meet, I walk away a little healthier, happier and filled with a greater sense of purpose.

Noel Rosencranz Santa Monica, CA
Andrew Slocombe

I have known Cyrus Khambatta for several years. He brings a huge amount of energy and passion with him, whether that be pushing you to the next level physically, or helping you pick out the perfect mango. He’s also one of the smartest people I know, with a rare ability to explain really complicated topics in ways that actually make sense. If you are looking to improve your health and fitness, increase your self-confidence, or generally just looking to have more fun in life -then I highly recommend getting to know Cyrus.

Andrew Slocombe San Francisco, CA
Matt Bruss, PhD

Cyrus is arguably one of the most personable people I have ever met. He is also, arguably, one of the fittest. However, as far as health is concerned, there is no argument, Cyrus is THE healthest person I have ever met. Intense exercise, an intelligently designed diet and a relaxed approach to the stresses of life will allow Cyrus to maintain his exceptional energy and creativity for years to come. Oh yeah, did I mention he is a great teacher and he genuinely enjoys helping others achieve their health and fitness goals?

Matt Bruss, PhD Madison, WI
DJ Roohk, PhD

Cyrus is an amazingly gifted teacher and coach, and stands out in his ability to help others overcome obstacles. He has overcome several intimidating roadblocks on his personal path to optimal health, and continues to help countless friends, colleagues, students, and clients do the same. Cyrus helped me to overcome a motivational roadblock by inspiring me to expect more out of myself, teaching me how challenging myself physically could be fun, and instilling gradual life changes ultimately resulting in 25 lbs. of weight loss and lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Cyrus understands that roadblocks are unique to the individual, and can range from diseases, disorders, injuries or dietary restrictions to lack of motivation or a hectic schedule. He listens and takes a scientific approach to distill each person’s core issues. Armed with a genuine desire to improve the health and lives of others, an up-to-date body of knowledge, and a deep network of clients, athletes, researchers, and physicians, Cyrus is an ideal partner for anyone looking to live a healthier, more rewarding life.

DJ Roohk, PhD Los Angeles, CA
Chris Belnap

Working with Cyrus and his comprehensive expertise in nutrition and exercise physiology has truly been a life changing experience. As an athlete, I recognized that nutrition is a key component of performance, but before working with Cyrus I didn’t know what information to follow and how specifically to improve my diet. Cyrus evaluated my current diet and state of health, then helped me set concrete and achievable dietary goals to lower body fat percentage, increase energy levels for training as well as day to day activities, and increase overall health.

Cyrus is an expert in nutritional biochemistry, and has the ability to breakdown complicated scientific concepts into terms anyone can comprehend. After my initial assessment with Cyrus and several months of consultation, I have made permanent changes to my diet that I believe are beneficial to my athletic endeavors as well as my long term health.

Cyrus has conveyed to me the importance of a plant-centric diet that focuses on “real food”, and has helped me optimize intake of macronutrients to provide consistently high energy levels for daily training. Cyrus has also been a great resource for questions concerning specific foods, and has helped me hone in on the foods that make me feel alert and energized.

In short, I consider working with Cyrus an invaluable investment in my long term health and athletic performance, and I recommend Mangoman Nutrition to anyone seeking to improve their diet and overall health.

Chris Belnap Triathlete
Katie Samek

You can tell that Cyrus has a passion for his work and is in the forefront of the the nutrition wave that is sweeping the Bay Area, if not the nation. If you are seeking help in diet, diabetes, food allergies, exercise or just how to live a better, happier, healthier life he has the knowledge. Whether you are just starting to learn the benefit of fitness and nutrition or if you are an Olympic athlete he can help you reach your goals. He breaks down your long term goals into easily reachable segments to keep you motivated and help you maintain the heathy lifestyle you have chosen to live.

Katie Samek The Everything Athlete
Johanna Young

Over the last couple of months, Cyrus has worked with me to form new eating habits with a focus on addressing a number of digestive issues I was having. As a lifelong sugar addict, this was no mean feat. Thanks to his guidance on the kinds of foods I should be eating to combat sugar cravings and his ongoing support, I have been able to ditch the white stuff and adopt a much more nutritious diet. As a result my digestion is much improved and I already have a lot more energy. It has been exciting to see the difference that eating well has made to my overall health.

Johanna Young San Francisco, CA
Brianna Booth

It’s exciting to work with someone who has the tools to help me really figure out how to feel amazing. Cyrus is giving me a whole new standard of “feeling good” to strive for. These things that we think are out of our reach–they actually aren’t. So of course I’m thrilled!

I haven’t had this good of a workout since college swim team. I’ve been coasting in my fitness the last 10 years. I forgot how amazing it feels to be working back up to what my body is capable of.

The structure of the program plus the inspiration of working in a group plus Cyrus’ knowledge and motivation have been incredible for making the changes I need to make… all to feel so good!

Cyrus has a way of pushing me hard and being super gentle and supportive. It is the perfect mix for making these changes to nutrition and fitness, which in the end, are just making me feel better and better.

Brianna Booth San Francisco, CA
Susan Marie

I have learned so much in the past few months from Cyrus. He has helped me identify foods that are causing me digestive issues and has provided me with some amazing “replacement” food ideas so that my meals stay exciting and creative. In only a few months I have a lot more energy and have gotten my exercise regimen back on track! I’m feeling the best I’ve have felt in years!

Susan Marie San Francisco, CA
Persis Sharma

Cyrus has taught me a completely new range of food to make for myself and my kids – and they love it! Who knew that dates and banana could make a great sandwich or that quinoa and roasted root veggies made a simple dinner? I sure didn’t. He makes nutrition accessible and fun, without complicated recipes. Even though he comes across very casual, you can’t miss how intelligent and thoughtful his advice is – he is a welcome change from the Food Network chefs who make everything look so easy even though it takes a long time to make their “simple” recipes. He’s a little Alton Brown, and a little Dr. Oz.

Persis Sharma Washington DC
Michelle Davis

As a student-turned-colleague of Cyrus, I have been lucky enough to benefit not only from his superior teaching, but also from the way he lives his life. In class, Cyrus would effectively explain the way macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats, and proteins) and micronutrients were absorbed and used by the body, but once we became friends, I began to recognize the ways you can structure a lifestyle around this knowledge. Cyrus turns complex physiological and biochemical concepts into information applicable to everyday life and is himself a walking example of health and vitality. A go-to person when you want advice, something explained, a great idea or the solution to your problem. Cyrus is a teacher, nutrition genius, and general lover of life!

Michelle Davis New York, NY
Michelle Slocombe

Cyrus is genuinely passionate and incredibly knowledgeable about all things fitness and nutrition but, more importantly, he makes healthy living FUN. Whenever I’m tired of my same old workout routine or need a new twist on a recipe, I know I can turn to Cyrus to change things up. His creative and positive outlook combined with his professional recommendations for leading a healthy lifestyle make him an extremely effective motivator. Cyrus has that one-of-a-kind blend of academic qualifications and genuine passion for helping others, which is why I always come away inspired.

Michelle Slocombe San Francisco, CA

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