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Nutrition and Fitness for Women
A 6-Month Small Group Lifestyle Change Program
for Optimal Health and Fitness

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Let's face it, there is a lot of confusing information about what to eat and what to avoid. It seems like everywhere you turn, a new fad diet is born. Yesterday we were told to avoid eggs and steak, today we're told to eat blueberries and walnuts, tomorrow it's another food that you can't even pronounce. The most frustrating part is that food comes in and out of style faster than clothes. What we were told to avoid 20 years ago is not back in vogue, yet what we're eating today may be considered unhealthy in 2 years. What are you supposed to believe?

Finding YOUR optimal diet is as confusing as ever


Deciphering mass-marketed nutrition recommendations now requires an advanced degree. In this day and age, understanding what to eat, what time to eat and how much to eat is virtually impossible.

I've spent thousands of hours studying

nutrition and fitness so that you don't have to

I've created the small group lifestyle change program with one purpose in mind:

to cut through the confusing information and get to the information that matters.

Enough with the hype.

Enough with misleading science.

Enough with special agendas.

This program is designed for you to excel, feel like a million bucks, and take control of your nutrition and fitness once and for all.

Together, let's find YOUR optimal diet

by creating habits that stick

It's difficult to make lifestyle changes by yourself, without the support and guidance of others around.  The small group format is designed to address your individual needs and provide a supportive and constructive learning environment for everyone. 

​Step 1:

Complete a comprehensive health evaluation and fitness test to assess your baseline metabolic health, baseline lifestyle habits and baseline fitness.

​Step 2:

Twice a month we will meet up at a group members house for a potluck dinner.  Each member establishes ONE new lifestyle habit. Verbalize this habit to the group so that it's real.

Step 3:

Twice a month we will head to a local park to play in the sun, boot camp style. Using minimal equipment you will learn simple, fun, challenging and exciting body weight workouts that are sure get you in top shape. Whether you are a beginning athlete or former college athlete, group workouts are a great way to challenge yourself, challenge each other and have a blast in the process.

​Step 4:

You'll be given access to the private women's training zone, a web-based application that gives you access to your workout of the day. Keep in touch with other members, challenge each other to fun workouts, and receive individual guidance from your coach. 24-7. Never miss a workout.

monitor your health remotely

Small Group Benefits Include:

talk bubbles

Your Learning Style

Choose from 3 learning styles, including (a) tell-me-what-to-do, (b) guide-me-gently, or (c) hands-off-I-can-do-this-on-my-own!


Individual Attention

Get the individual attention that you need in order to make important lifestyle changes to compliment group meetups


Group Interaction

Research shows that you are 350% more likely to succeed in making lifestyle changes when you do it in a group setting. 

talk bubbles

Social Environment

Social interaction is the heart of nutrition and exercise.  Don't let this be an isolating process.  Utilize the power of group interaction to excel.



Need help and support in creating new habits?  No problem.  The group environment is designed to be an accepting and supportive place - the answer is always yes.



Interact with your new friends during group meetups or on your own.  Make friends, be social, and have fun.  The more fun, the greater your chances of succeeding.

Recipe Exchanges

Have a new recipe that you want to share?  Looking for some new recipes to make?  At every meetup we exchange recipes to keep the kitchen a fun and exciting place.


Group Fitness

This is the best part.  Learn new moves, work as a group, be in the sun, and enjoy every minute.  Who says sweating isn't fun?  Look and feel like the superhero you've always wanted to be.

Many of today's common health issues

are related to poor nutrition


The following is a list of common issues that can be easily treated by

adopting the right nutrition and fitness regimen:

finger anxiety


Feeling anxious for absolutely no reason?


Low Energy

Low energy often means poor nutrition.


Emotional Eating

Do your emotions govern what and when you eat?



Are you chronically stressed or uptight?


Sugar Addiction

The white stuff can be very dangerous to your health.


Caffeine Addiction

Constantly in search of your next caffeine jolt?


Excess Alcohol

Is alcohol an emotional crutch?

mental fog

Mental Fog

Having trouble thinking clearly?

out of shape

Out of Shape

Feeling sluggish and physically weak?



Are those extra pounds always on your mind?



Are your blood sugar values on the rise?



Is your blood sugar out of control?


Gluten Intolerance

Does gluten cause immediate inflammation?

stomach ache

Poor Digestion

Is your GI tract in a constant state of stress?



Struggling with one or multiple autoimmune conditions?

leaky gut

Leaky Gut

Is your gut the cause of inflammation elsewhere?

What are the benefits of a

dedicated focus on your nutrition and fitness?



Abundant Energy

Experience abundant energy like never before


No More Addiction

Overcome caffeine, sugar and grain addictions.


Complete Control

Be in 100% control of your diet and your life.


Top Notch Fitness

Experience the best fitness of your life.

waist measurement

Ideal Body Weight

Get to your target body weight and STAY there.


More Play

Play more than you ever before! Guilt free.


No Intolerances

Learn what foods work best for your body.

Good digestion

Great Digestion

Understand your digestion triggers.


Inflammation Free

No more inflammation means being pain free.

no more diabetes

No More Diabetes

Become a blood sugar ninja(ette) today.

wide eyes

Mental Clarity

Be sharp, alert, focused and on point.

no more diabetes


Understand your body better than ever before.

grocery store blur

Grocery Shop Like a Pro

Grocery shopping doesn't have to be a hassle.  It should be fun, exciting and a great way to feed you and your family.  Unfortunately, navigating the grocery store has become a science, and deceptive food labels are all around.  We'll take a trip to the grocery store and learn the fundamentals - where you should be spending your time, what packaged foods to avoid, how to read nutrition facts labels, the difference between organic and conventional produce and much more. 

healthy pantry

Enjoy Your Cleanest Pantry Ever

Did you know that having a clean pantry is one of the easiest ways to eat an impeccably clean diet?  A dirty pantry means a dirty diet.  We'll take a trip to the house of one of the group members, and systematically clean their pantry using a list of predefined rules.  Watch as a cluttered pantry becomes an enjoyable, organized and toxin-free environment, so that you can prepare meals for you and your family in a stress-free environment.

Track important health metrics throughout the program


Tracking health metrics over time is a great way to monitor how your health is changing over time.  Whether the metrics are visual or not, you have an option of tracking metrics that are relevant to your goals.  The following metrics are trackable.

% Body Fat

Energy Level



Blood Sugar

Body Weight

Skin Health



Visual Appearance

This program is for you if...

You are a woman between the ages of 30-45

You live within 25 miles of San Francisco.

Single women, married women, aspiring mothers and current mothers are welcome.

You are enthusiastic about making positive change in your life

You are enthusiastic about making positive change in your family's life

You can commit to 5 meet ups per month.


This program is NOT for you if...

You are not 100% committed to making positive change in your life

You are NOT willing to support and encourage other women

in the group to achieve their fullest potential.

You are unable to commit to 5 monthly meet ups per month.


How is this program different?

This program will challenge you to create the habits you've always wanted, and do so in a constructive, supportive and encouraging environment.

This program is designed to transform your relationship with food, to increase your level of physical activity, to teach you research-based science about nutrition, exercise, healthy aging, and well-being.

Most importantly, you'll learn how to set yourself up for success and have a blast in the process.

Make no mistake, you will be challenged to think outside the box, to embrace seemingly uncomfortable lifestyle change, to operate outside of your comfort zone, and be asked to support your peers as they establish impeccable habits themselves.

Power in numbers, strength in collective change.


Don't take my word for it, read what my clients are saying about their experiences:

Johanna Y 

Over the last couple of months, Cyrus has worked with me to form new eating habits with a focus on addressing a number of digestive issues I was having. As a lifelong sugar addict, this was no small feat. Thanks to his guidance on the kinds of foods I should be eating to combat sugar cravings and his ongoing support, I have been able to ditch the white stuff and adopt a much more nutritious diet. As a result my digestion is much improved and I already have a lot more energy. It has been exciting to see the difference that eating well has made to my overall health.

Katie S 

You can tell that Cyrus has a passion for his work and is in the forefront of the the nutrition wave that is sweeping the Bay Area, if not the nation. If you are seeking help in diet, diabetes, food allergies, exercise or just how to live a better, happier, healthier life he has the knowledge. Whether you are just starting to learn the benefit of fitness and nutrition or if you are an Olympic athlete he can help you reach your goals. He breaks down your long term goals into easily reachable segments to keep you motivated and help you maintain the heathy lifestyle you have chosen to live.

Maggie C 

I had no idea that I could be insulin resistant until I began to understand how my muscle tissue worked. Once I learned that, I developed a way of eating that keeps my blood sugar under consistent control. Now that I understand what causes insulin resistance, I am able to manage it through exercise and eating the right foods (at the right times). My life as a diabetic is now MUCH easier.

When I was first diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, I was terrified. It was the first time in my life that I felt uncomfortable around food, and afraid to eat. Cyrus' information on managing insulin resistance helped me develop a better understanding of how different foods affect my blood sugar. It didn't take long to see the results of this information --- stable blood glucose and consistent, high energy levels.

The best part about working with Cyrus is that he put the knowledge in MY hands, and provided support to me through this huge life change. Instead of being told what to do, he forced me to think about the "why," so that I could make the changes for myself. I urge everyone with Type I Diabetes, and people simply in need of a healthy life change, to turn to Cyrus for dietary advice. It is amazing what a little bit of commitment and support can do to improve your life, and your confidence in your health.

Maira S 

Cyrus has been an inspiration to me getting back in the health track. Not only is he extreme knowledgeable about nutrition and health, he is also an amazing athlete and instructs effective bodyweight exercises to get me into great shape without needing to go to a gym. I have been enjoying learning and working with Cyrus, and I am certain you will too.

Brianna B 

It's exciting to work with someone who has the tools to help me really figure out how to feel amazing. Cyrus is giving me a whole new standard of "feeling good" to strive for. These things that we think are out of our reach--they actually aren't. So of course I'm thrilled!

I haven't had this good of a workout since college swim team. I've been coasting in my fitness the last 10 years. I forgot how amazing it feels to be working back up to what my body is capable of.

The structure of the program plus the inspiration of working in a group plus Cyrus' knowledge and motivation have been incredible for making the changes I need to make... all to feel so good!

Cyrus has a way of pushing me hard and being super gentle and supportive. It is the perfect mix for making these changes to nutrition and fitness, which in the end, are just making me feel better and better.

Susan M 

I have learned so much in the past few months from Cyrus. He has helped me identify foods that are causing me digestive issues and has provided me with some amazing “replacement” food ideas so that my meals stay exciting and creative. In only a few months I have a lot more energy and have gotten my exercise regimen back on track! I’m feeling the best I’ve have felt in years!

Netanya S 

I was so distraught when I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, and even more horrified by the “nutritionist” the doctor made me see. Her philosophy was to manipulate blood sugar numbers through processed food and a high fat diet that was making me lethargic. I came to see Cyrus, and all that changed immediately. The regimen he put me on lowered my blood sugar numbers right away, and at 37 weeks into my pregnancy I actually had more energy than I did a month prior. I also took off a few pounds and kept my weight down, with my baby actually measuring on the smaller side. I’ve been doing the exact opposite of what the “nutritionist” recommended and the results couldn’t be better. I consider this whole thing a blessing in disguise, because I’m healthier and in a better place than I was before getting diagnosed.

About Cyrus Khambatta, PhD


Cyrus Khambatta PhD in Nutritional Biochemistry, Program Designer, Athlete, Vegan, Mango Addict

I was diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic at the age of 22, in my senior year of college. At that time in my life I didn’t understand anything about diabetes, I only knew that it had “something to do with sugar.” In the first year of life as a diabetic, my health deteriorated rapidly, to the point where I began to seriously question whether I would be able to exercise ever again. Constant lethargy, dehydration, muscle soreness, and a lack of motivation occupied most of my waking day, which directly opposed the athletic lifestyle that I had maintained my entire life.

I changed my diet from the ground up, and in a short period of time I experienced abundant energy, quality sleep, reduced blood sugar, increased athleticism, and a SIGNIFICANT increase in my quality of life.  Because of the rapid and positive change, I decided to study towards a PhD in Nutritional Biochemistry to understand the​ real science between diet, exercise and feeling like the king of the world. 

When I started the study of nutrition, I uncovered a world that was more fascinating than anything I had ever encountered.  I was hooked immediately.

My goal as an educator and coach is to provide you with the tools to understand basic nutritional biology in a non-technical manner, to make healthy lifestyle choices for you and your family.  I aim to teach the fundamental principles of what it means to live a “healthy” lifestyle, and to inspire you to take full control of your health using nutrition and exercise for the best health you've EVER experienced.

Great health starts with great habits. 

Let's make great habits TODAY.​


I am very confident that your participation in this program will lead to a healthier, stronger, better YOU.  If you follow the recommendations I provide and participate frequently in food and fitness meetups, I will guarantee that your overall health will increase in noticeable and measurable ways.  It's that simple.

OK, this sounds great but is it going to break the bank?

What good is a health and fitness program if it's unaffordable?  What good is high-quality information if it's out of reach?  In my opinion, it's useless.  I want to make sure that you get the most out of this experience without the added stress of an overbearing monthly payment.  Making this program affordable is something that is very important to me. 

Trust me when I say this - there simply is no other program like this.  There is no program with this level of individual attention, this degree of successful habit-forming, this constructive of a social environment, this attention to what works for YOU. 


For this low price, each month you will be invited to participate in:

2 Interactive Dinner Parties

2 Challenging Outdoor Bootcamps

1 "Flex Time" Session of Your Choice



Taking charge of your nutrition and fitness is the single greatest decision you could make for yourself in your adult life. If you think you can benefit from individual attention, a constructive and supportive group dynamic, new friends, up-to-date research and incredibly fun fitness, it's time to act.

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