What is Insulin Resistance?

Insulin resistance is the behind-the-scenes cause of high blood sugar, and it affects all tissues in your body including the muscle, liver, heart, blood vessels and brain.

Insulin resistance increases glucose variability and can leave you feeling sluggish, worn out and run down.

Eliminating insulin resistance can turbocharge you with energy, increase your activity level and significantly cut your disease risk. Simultaneously.

What my clients are saying

When I was first diagnosed with diabetes, I was terrified. Managing insulin resistance helped me develop a better understanding of how different foods affect my blood sugar. It didn't take long to see the results of this information --- stable blood glucose and consistent, high energy levels all day long. I'm LOVING it.

Maggie Crawford, type 1 diabetes

This lifestyle has changed my life significantly, and it is all positive. I feel significantly better in many ways.  I have much more energy, I weigh less, my clothes fit well, and my ability to exercise is much improved.  In terms of physical ability, stamina, and enjoyment, it’s a much easier life.

Larry Gershon, type 2 diabetes

The health benefits of the RIGHT nutrition plan for controlling insulin resistance are simply endless.  In addition to improved insulin sensitivity and reduced blood sugar, my skin is clear, my allergies are gone and I'm significantly less inflamed.  Clean and simple foods mean a clean and simple lifestyle.

Robby Barbaro, type 1 diabetes

Fueling my body with REAL carbohydrates lowered my blood sugar numbers immediately, and at 37 weeks into my pregnancy I actually have more energy than I did a month prior. I consider my new lifestyle a blessing in disguise, because I’m healthier than I was before getting diagnosed!

Netanya Stutz, gestational diabetes

What the experts are saying

Neal Barnard, MD

"Carbohydrates do not cause diabetes.  And a diet that focuses on keeping carbohydrates out of your diet is not a powerful way to manage - let alone reverse - the disease. If we can repair your body's ability to absorb and use carbohydrates, not only can you enjoy healthy carbohydrate-rich roods without worry, but diabetes itself ought to improve - perhaps even go away."

Joel Fuhrman, MD

"Insulin works less effectively when people eat fatty foods or gain weight. Diets containing less fat improve insulin sensitivity, as does weight loss. Diabetics have more than a 400% higher incidence of heart attacks than nondiabetics.  One-third of all patients with type 1 diabetes die of a heart attack before the age of 50. "

The Principles of Nutrition and Fitness Coaching


Don't count your carbs, count your fat. For many people, eating a low-carb diet often results in low energy, blood sugar variability and increased insulin requirements over time. Reduce your dietary fat intake and watch as your blood sugar levels plummet.


You can't control what you can't measure.  That's why it's imperative to learn how to measure insulin resistance using simple and convenient methods you can apply in the comfort of your own home.


Tracking your level of insulin resistance over time allows you to control blood sugar with incredible ease. Restoring liver and muscle function to normal has a profound impact on your overall health, and can significantly reduce your fasting and post-meal blood sugar values.


Restore your blood sugar values to normal and watch as your health skyrockets. Becoming insulin sensitive can greatly increase your activity and energy levels like never before. Keeping blood sugar under control has never been this easy.

About the founder

Cyrus Khambatta, PhD Nutritional Biochemistry

Living with type 1 diabetes for 11 years

I've used myself as a human guinea pig to conduct hundreds of experiments on ways to control and eliminate insulin resistance.  In combination with rigorous science, I've been able to transform my health and the health of my clients with diabetes by eliminating insulin resistance using the step-by-step process outlined above.

Regaining insulin sensitivity is an unmistakable feeling that often leaves my clients with boundless energy, easily controlled blood sugar and improved athletic recovery.

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